The majority of people in Burma still wear longyis, colourful, or plain, in a great variety of styles, patterns and fabrics. Men wear longyis tied up at the front and women gather the fabric, fold it over to the side and tuck it in the waistband. The further east I travelled, however, the more I noticed a penchant for trousers and western wear. Perhaps the influence of China and their dress habits?

bus station Lashio

waiting for the bus – versatile and comfortable clothing – the chap on the right turned out to be our bus driver

not everyone favours a longyi…

casual wear, U’Bein bridge

the lady favours pink jeans- the lads go for the more traditional attire- on U’Bein bridge

Mirek trying on his first longyi

Mirek learning how to put on a longyi

Mirek in his new longyi

Mirek in his new longyi 🙂

trendy local chap

dapper young chap

young Burmese couple

he favours jeans, she goes for a longyi

daily load

light, functional and comfortable- the longyi, that is…

young men kicking around wicker ball

these lads have rolled up their longyis like shorts

embroidering a longyi

a longyi being decorated with beads


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