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Eschewing Obfuscation

keep it streamlined        the Baltic

keep it streamlined the Baltic

I am using the phrase ‚eschew obfuscation‘ to describe pictures which tell a story, without words.

Or with as few words as are needed. In some case none.

harmony Bagan


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Kolmanskop, Namibia

I was wondering why I felt so at home in these buildings and then realized that they reminded me of where I live, the same carpentry work on the doors, similar wood panelling and hinges. The only difference being that one site is in south west Namibia and the other is in Gdansk, Poland.

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Sossusvlei and Sesriem Canyon, Namibia

Sesriem Canyon at dawn

You might be excused for wondering if you have wandered onto a set for a remake of Gone with the Wind, but no, this is Sesriem sand dunes in Namibia, at dawn…

sheep clouds

Within minutes, the sky changes colour and these sheep clouds appear


A bamby-like gazelle wanders out of the shade

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Roads Namibia

David Hockney

What is it about roads that makes you want to follow them…

going south

Naukluft desert

rainy season

The most precarious part of driving in Namibia is not the risk of running over a wild animal in the barren plains but the perils of nodding off as you drive those endless, deserted straight roads which lead towards the horizon and onwards.

We came across another vehicle perhaps once an hour, if that…

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