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Road to Mandalay…

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I was going to Burma to spend a week teaching English at a  college for youngsters from deprived backgrounds in Lashio. This was going to be followed by travels around the country with Mirek who was to join me in Mandalay.

Yangon, ex-Rangoon, the capital until 2005, arouses mixed feelings. Most visitors stay less than a day or two before departing for more alluring sights. It i a city where you can walk around with a camera and click away in every direction and come up with a patchwork of colourful images; but more of the rotting fruit and vegetable variety than of the vegetable stalls at Harrods Food Hall type. This aura is present in both side streets and on the main thoroughfares as you amble past colonial buildings whose grandeur can still be sensed.

New Law Courts building 1927, Yangon, ex Rangoon

New Law Courts building, Yangon, ex Rangoon

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