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Burma regains Independence:

Aung San Suu Kyi

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

– My impressions of London –

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Not having lived in London for twenty years, there are certain things you notice more than other things when returning there on short visits. I have selected a few that stood out for me on this occasion.

The good: well, that such bookshops like Daunt Books in Marylebone High Street still exist. You can merge with the books so to speak in this congenial old fashioned setting with some secondhand gems on offer on the upper galleried floor, such as „Tea: addiction, exploitation and empire“. How could I resist a book with a title like that? Continue reading


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A nice way to pop the question :)

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Getting lost in local forest

How, you might ask, is it possible to get lost in a forest you go nordic walking in on a regular basis? Well, you can, it seems… Again.

It happened to us a few weeks ago too. This time, we got lost for even longer; an hour and a half amble turned into three hours before we reached „terra cognita“ so to speak. Yes, instead of making a note of every conspicuous patch of moss we passed by, we chatted.

These forests cover an area of 6000 hectares (about 15 thousand acres) and constitute part of the larger Tricity National Park which borders Gdansk.

Lessons learnt? Next time, arm yourself with a bar of something sweet and a smartphone with a gps which has been activated.
Will we be going again? You bet.

Oliwa forest

Oliwa forest

Ala, happily unconscious that we were about to lose our way.







the road, at last!


amphibians and reptiles

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