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My Gdansk (part 1)

local woods

local woods

festive Gdansk 'Feta'

festive Gdansk ‘Feta’

Wyspa Spichrzów

Wyspa Spichrzów

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Embracing Space

As a slightly errant frequenter of my local church I came across this medley of shapes and structures in amongst the congregation with ceramic craters and what looked like overgrown fruit shells spewn over floor tombstones on one side and the gutted roots of a magnificent tree and a ceramic naked woman’s bosom on the other. Not something you come across every day in church.

real deal
the real deal




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Kolmanskop, Namibia

I was wondering why I felt so at home in these buildings and then realized that they reminded me of where I live, the same carpentry work on the doors, similar wood panelling and hinges. The only difference being that one site is in south west Namibia and the other is in Gdansk, Poland.

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