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The Galapagos islands, which belong to Ecuador and are situated about 1 thousand kilometres off the western coast of the mainland, have been a National Park since 1959, a century after the publication of Charles Darwin’s pivotal book The Origin of Species.

In 1845 Darwin wrote, about the islands: „..Hence, both in space and time, we seem to be brought somewhat nearer to that great fact- that mystery of mysteries- the first appearance of new beings on this earth“.

For centuries the islands had been visited by pirates and adventurers as well as traders and scientists who stocked up on water and tortoise meat.  They have been known by various names including  „Archipiélago de Colón” after Christopher Columbus and „Islas Encantadas“ (Bewitched Islands).

More globally they are known as the Galapagos islands.

Below are some random photos we took of the wondrous creatures we saw across the different islands we visited.

nacza boobie:

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