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A brief rant about sexist behaviour

Sartre existential cooking
I don’t suppose Godfrey Bloom would empathise too much with these sentiments expressed here by the American cartoonist Roz Chast

Who IS Godfrey Bloom?

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Harlem Shake with the Queen at Buckingham Palace

What is the point of this trivial performance?

In fact, what is it?

Originally called the ‘albee’, it’s a dance introduced in 1981 by a Harlem resident named “AI B”. The dance was initially referred to as ‘albee’ after his name, but later became known as the Harlem Shake as its prominence grew beyond the neighborhood (Wikipedia).

The dance itself is defined by Urban Dictionary as ‘as eccentric upper body dance that involves the shaking of the upper torso and shoulders’. Aha..that explains it

The recent craze itself started in Queensland apparently when a couple of banana benders uploaded the first video of its kind…? (

Fast forward a few weeks and you will find umpteen thousands of memes on Youtube where it has gone viral with people donned in bizarre costumes and masks getting in on the act.

Coming back to my original question, well, just a bit of harmless fun I guess..

Actually, after watching a documentary last night on Planete about the Up with People charity, truth be told I felt I could go out and do my own Harlem Shake.

One last admission, the Buckingham Palace Harlem Shake (strange how diametrically opposed those two place names look next to each other) was orchestrated and filmed by my son, hence the interest… (no, he is not the guy in the trunks! But that guy was recruited 24 hours beforehand thanks to

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

– My impressions of London –

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Not having lived in London for twenty years, there are certain things you notice more than other things when returning there on short visits. I have selected a few that stood out for me on this occasion.

The good: well, that such bookshops like Daunt Books in Marylebone High Street still exist. You can merge with the books so to speak in this congenial old fashioned setting with some secondhand gems on offer on the upper galleried floor, such as „Tea: addiction, exploitation and empire“. How could I resist a book with a title like that? Continue reading


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