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Markets around the world. No, not stock markets.




Indian spices, Goa

fruit sellers, boat to Mandalay, Burma

fruit sellers, boat to Mandalay, Burma

Colourful, vibrant, noisy, gaudy, delectable, aromatic, pungent, tacky, genuine, ‚imported‘.

Most makets we have visited over time conjure up some story we‘ve experienced or tastes we‘ve savoured. The main ingredient of these markets seems to be the cacophony of colours and textures which hit you as you merge within their stalls.

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Thai curry paste recipe: Massaman

mass ingr

ingredients, listed in recipe

On a nippy autumn day, a dish like this Thai curry is just the thing to warm you up!
This paste has a definite Indian flavour to it though it originates from southern Thailand. It is one of the curry pastes I learned to make during our cooking course in Chiang Mai and it was my favourite dish.

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