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Komodo- and a journey through hell

Komodo dragon

Komodo dragon

Komodo island

Komodo island

blissfully unaware of what lay ahead...

blissfully unaware of what lay ahead…

A recent list on the Lonely Planet website with the most highly recommended natural sites in the world brought back memories  as I saw Komodo up there.

It was some years ago (so please forgive the quality of the photos) and we were travelling overland and by boat/ferry across eastern Indonesia setting off from the island of Bali, over to Lombok and a couple of days idling on the as yet untouristy island of Gili Trawangan. A few days later found us bussing it through the lush vegetation of Sumbawa on the overnight bus with breathtakingly beautiful glimpses of the jungle under a starry sky which kept me awake for most of that bumpy ride.

We arrived at the harbour in Sape to find that we had missed the once daily ferry eastwards and so got together a group of about twelve of us tourists who had traveled on that bus and chartered a small boat to take us across the Flores Sea to Komodo and then onwards to the island of Flores. The journey to Komodo would take no more than three hours, the crew assured us. As we were traveling with children we made sure to not only take their word for it, but actually check that there were life-jackets on board and then we set off after some minor preparations and stocking up on supplies by the crew. We were due to stay the night on board and to eat lunch there too.

Thence started what some might describe as a journey through hell.

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