Life after 50

Since this site is supposed to be about life after 50 among other things, let me begin with that.

For my 50th birthday I decided to celebrate with a difference. What was this life empowering activity I chose to do? Abba. Yes, that is right, with a group of friends press-ganged into joining me, we put on an Abba performance altering the name very enigmatically to BABA- yes, it gets better – and performing in public at my birthday party in front of 40 unsuspecting friends, (sort of ) appropriately clad in Abba-like gear and doing  our own little choreographed moves while singing along.

Yes, it was a variation on karaoke, but with a bit of spunk. But above all with a great deal of fun. I recommend putting on something  like this to anyone who has a milestone of a birthday coming up and wants to celebrate it with a bit of difference.

However exciting the performance itself was, what remained in our memories was the warm exuberance during rehearsals which we all still miss. We, our girl band, met roughly once a week for six weeks before the big day and this is what we looked like, warts and all:

Baba girl band

Baba girl band and Mags

Baba performing

Baba performing Dancing Queen

Here’s what it looked like on the day:

And the rehearsal 3 days before…

as you may have noticed, the rehearsals were in Polish, that is, we spoke in Polish though we ‘sang’ in English. After six rehearsals, though, I noticed that I began singing the lyrics with a decidedly Polish accent, keeping unwittingly in tune with my Polish friends:) while Tomek patiently filmed and Malgosia, with some help from little Marianka, helped direct our moves.


2 responses to “Life after 50

  1. Still get such a kick out of this – you got gusto!
    And thanks for the reminder of the best of life lived after 50. I see it rapidly approaching, and think I’m just getting to the better half of life…

  2. Thanks Gin. Nice to see we are both online at the same time despite being on different continents; serendipity!
    From your blog and photos, I see you have a hell of a lot to offer and enjoy after you turn 50 even though it’s still yonks away!!

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