Turning 50, what can I say about life? Well, I can say that you can enjoy life and you can make your life enjoyable. No, this is not going to be a self help blog. But I think that what I did for myself, and for my close friends, when I turned 50 was pretty cool, enjoyable and, to overuse an already overused word, pretty empowering. But more of that later.

The word ‘joie de vivre‘ comes to mind. I remember way back when I moved from London (briefly) to Paris with my parents, we went to a local restaurant, Chez Andre, which was very popular at the time. We were finally squeezed into a table and  got served soon after. As I was tucking away into my frogs‘ legs – the first time I had eaten them- succulently sucking the garlic off my fingers – an elderly gentleman sitting alone at the table next to us, sipping consome, looked at me with a whimsical look and remarked : „Mademoiselle, ca se voit que vous avez la joie de vivre“. At the time, an awkward eighteen year old, I felt embarrassed and silly. Much later I realised he was right. I did, and do, enjoy life.

Like most of us, I have had highs and lows. But I get as much joy from going for a long walk (and the occasional run) with my husband in the local woods or on the nearby beach, and with our son when he is around, as I get from the travels we go on from time to time. This, combined with the occasional cooking I experiment with for family and friends in my free time, is what I enjoy in life.

This blog will have pictures and accounts of our travels, but they might be posted in non chronological order covering places like Komodo island and their dragons in eastern Indonesia, the barren deserts of Namibia, the bizarre creatures of the Galapagos islands, cycling down Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador, the base camp to Mt Chomolungma (Everest) on the Tibetan side, Burma, not to mention Poland and many other places.  I will also be posting food pics and sometimes even recipes of stuff I have made at home or that simply looks too good not to add.

Burma crab

Burma crab, U’Bein Bridge

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai cooking course

my zarzuela ingredients

my zarzuela ingredients

Shwesandaw Paya, bagan, Burma

Shwesandaw Paya, Bagan, Burma/Maynmar

cycling in Sopot

cycling in Sopot

Mik's fish stew

Mik’s fish stew

Climbing down from Abuma Yemata Guh, Tigrai, Ethiopia

Climbing down from Abuma Yemata Guh church, Tigrai, Ethiopia

M&P Cotopaxi

M&P Cotopaxi volcano, Ecuador, before cycling down

Pia and Mirek at a local run meetup

Pia and Mirek at a local run meetup


7 responses to “About

  1. Rob

    like your description very much.
    Must mention your tagine is the best looking Ive ever seen 🙂

  2. Thank you Robert, from someone who has just returned from the land of the tagine, that is a nice thing to hear 🙂

  3. GaiL

    gorgeous at 50! =) I wish I could still travel like you when I turned 50…thanks Pia for sharing your travels experiences…good luck on your future travels! =)

  4. Many thanks Gail, I am sure you will, so long as you want to… 🙂

  5. ania Regan Olsen

    I think that what you are saying is to really enjoy every minute of life, whatever you are doing, wherever you are, whether it’s in the kitchen preparing a meal or climbing a mountain in some faraway exotic country. One just has to treasure every second.
    . Reminds me of a documentary about a nun peeling potatoes and saying if one really concentrates on what one is doing, imagines the field where the potatoe grew, the smell of the earth and wind, one can even love peeling potatoes. Those are my wise words of the day !!!

  6. Totally agree. We too are positive people, passionate about travel, passionate about home, passionate about family and we love life, especially the everyday…

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