Saryazd, Yazd, Iran

just another stop along the Silk Road


Saryazd fortress

This fortress is a 40 min drive from Yazd, in central Iran, and lovely to visit in the late afternoon. We had the place to ourselves as our driver waited outside and we wandered around the outside walls and made our way up the stairs inside leading to what remains there were of the roof.



The mud built building dates back to the Sassanian period (3 to 7th century). With its strategic location along the Silk Road it was used as a safety deposit shelter holding gold, grain and other valuables. The moat and internal walls and external towers provided protection against advancing marauders.


Now empty, it once contained hundreds of small rooms over 20 thousand square metres and used to be made up of four floors.


Some Iranian history books name this as the place where Solomon and the Queen of Sheba met; either way, one source claims that one of the productions of the movie The Queen of Sheba was filmed at Saryazd which wouldn’t surprise me as it is an ideal setting with its wide and empty surroundings.


This clip (below) of my son wandering along the broken walls gives you a taste of the atmosphere and shows how it would make a good setting for a horror film:  Climbing castle walls at dusk


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