Tropical rainstorm in Burma (listen and watch)

Tropical forest

Tropical forest


Have a look through these photos and imagine you are sitting right there, on that little veranda overlooking that lake in Inle, Burma as the evening unfolds…

Golden Island Cottages, Inle lake

Inle lake

calm before the storm

calm before the storm

Inle lake fishermen heading home in background

Inle lake fishermen heading home in background


chilling out on veranda

chilling out on veranda

why are the birds taking flight...?

why are the birds taking flight…?



is that rain I spy?

is that rain I spy?

now we know why...

now we know why…

yes, it's rain..

yes, it’s rain..

and more rain..

and more rain..

until it's satiated

until it’s satiated

and after the storm..

and after the storm..

follows the calm

follows the calm


and we can return..

and we can return.. our favourite evening passtime.. our favourite evening passtime..

Now, listen to the sound effects :

Click here and close your eyes. YES, you must close your eyes and remember… you are sitting on that verandha engulfed by… well, sit back, close your eyes, and let your senses take over for a few moments…

Yes, as you can imagine, after experiencing a downpour like that, we sat back and enjoyed what you see in the last photo.

It’s true, the video refers to an African rainstorm but believe me, in Burma, it sounds the same!
All the photographs were taken by either Mirek or me.

for another post about Inle lake, click here
and there are many other posts about Burma in my blog..

Now, get up, put your walking or running shoes on and… head out for a walk!

(this video is from Zambezi Safari and Travel Co. Ltd)


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One response to “Tropical rainstorm in Burma (listen and watch)

  1. ania Regan Olsen

    Beautiful photos like a poem.
    Brilliant sounds!!!!

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