Gnocchi? kopytka? or poor man’s cornbread?

gnocchi in tomato sauce with grated parmezan cheese

gnocchi in tomato sauce with grated parmezan cheese

This is not the first time I have tried to make kopytka/gnocchi and it’s probably not the last time it didn’t quite work out as expected..

The recipe instructed me to use :
1 kilo of potatoes cooked and THEN peeled
1 egg
300 grams plain flour

and some grated parmezan cheese, some of which I added to the mixture (about 80 grams) and the rest was sifted over my homemade tomato sauce on the gnocchi.

So I improvised a bit; in addition to the one kilo of potatoes I added one large sweet potato (cooked and THEN peeled). I then decided that since the sweet potato weighed over half a kilo, I should add a bit more flour and another egg.

Aghh! I think that is where I got it wrong.

Two eggs later and I had a mixture which was sticking to my fingers even after adding 200 more grams of flour. Ok, so I used semolina flour which might not work so well for this but I am not a flour expert.

So, after adding even more flour (I had run out of semolina flour so added up to 100 grams of spelt flour), I was more or less able to make a sausage shape patty, but which was still loath to part from the wooden board it was on. This is what it looked like in the making:







And these are the results. I dropped them into a large saucepan of slightly salted boiling water and they cooked for between four and five minutes.


They were too large in size to start with and because they were such hell to make I decided to experiment again and more or less poured the remainder of the mixture onto a baking tray and baked it in the oven for 25 mins on about 190c. This is what came out..


baked mush

baked mush

looks about done

looks about done

In an effort to make it look somewhat more appetizing, I added a few pickled cornichons and onions.. Served with a glass of good red wine, it certainly went down better.

try and make it look appealing

try and make it look appealing

For a more satisfying dish including sweet potato, check out my baked sweet potato with tomato, black beans and avocado



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2 responses to “Gnocchi? kopytka? or poor man’s cornbread?

  1. ania Regan Olsen

    You don’t need to ‘ try’ to make the ‘kopyta’ and the baked ‘mush’ look appealing, they really do look appealingly tasty (and fun I liked the big bits of mush). What hard work ! Surely equivalent to a ten mile run ??? Love the pics, they’re so artistic and prof.

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