Sweet Potato bake: Too tasty to be good for you!

Baked stuffed sweet potato

“It can’t be healthy, it’s too tasty!”…Mirek’s verdict on my dish

My version of baked sweet potato, stuffed with tomatoes and black bean mush….

Giving up smoking (Mirek)= ✓
Giving up sweet things= ✓.. sort of …. (ok, cutting down on..)
Giving up meat= working on it… kind of .. (Mirek, less of a problem, me, more of an issue)
Taking up exercise= ✓ !!! (BOTH)

Be it running in the winter


or not:

pia gdansk biega

Mirek hugging Pia

what counts is to do it!

Ok, so we’re not doing too badly, just got to get to grips with this healthy eating habit. I don’t have an enormously sweet tooth, but I DO like my meat. Still, reading up about nutrition for different reasons recently and since taking up running, it sort of makes sense to at least make an effort to find a healthy alternative to meat.

So, here’s my take on this baked sweet potato with a stuffing of tomatoes and black beans topped with delicious avocado. The recipe I used is from http://cookeasyvegan.blogspot.com/2009/05/black-bean-stuffed-sweet-potato.html (thank you kindly) but I think the lightly salted flavour of these typically Polish cucumbers in brine compliment the dish perfectly!

What you need:
-one large sweet potato (batat for Polish readers)
-spring onions, chopped, (all the white bit and part of green)
-2 or 3 tomatoes, chopped (skin on, couldn’t be bothered to skin them)
-2 cloves of garlic (peeled and crushed)
-1 teaspoon oregano (I used dried)
-2 tablespoons virgin olive oil
-handful of chopped parsley (fresh)
-4 heaped tablespoons full of black bean mixture (from a can of refried black beans!)
-half a red chili (chopped and de-seeded) probably could have used the whole chili
-freshly ground salt and pepper ( a large pinch of each)
-1 avocado (cut in half)
-juice of half a squeezed lemon

I had a pretty large sweet potato and it took a good hour to bake it in the oven at about 190c.


Meanwhile, fry the onions and garlic in the olive oil, add the black bean mixture, oregano, chili and the tomatoes and cook it for about ten minutes on a medium heat.



Then turn down the heat after adding the parsley, salt and pepper and leave on a low heat for another ten to 15 mins.


Scoop the flesh out of the avocado, chop and mix it with the lemon juice and put aside after adding a wee pinch of salt and pepper.


Remove the sweet potato from the oven; allow to cool a few mins before cutting it lenghtways and scoring the flesh to make it more fluffy. Then add a generous spoonful of the tomato and black bean mixture and top it with a nice dollop of the avocado spread.

Serve with any fresh crisp green veggie or the lightly brined cucumbers you see on the photo. Delicious!
One half was enough for me as a main dish, though I did have some crackers and cheese afterwards. I had prepared two of these sweet potatoes, and Mirek was happy to eat another half, leaving the last half for another meal.



Meanwhile, whether the weather outside is like this:


or like this:


get off your ‘derrieres’, the beach beckons!

For another delicious dish, perfect to serve as a starter with a dip, try these courgette/zucchini strips I made not long ago:

mix the courgette in the flour, egg and then parmezan..

or there is this desert I wrote about and posted this time last year:

or for something more savoury, I made this :



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3 responses to “Sweet Potato bake: Too tasty to be good for you!

  1. ania Regan Olsen

    Love those two winter and summer photos. Dish looks so tasty. Must try it. Where did you get the refried black beans ?

  2. Leclerc. I tried to find ordinary black beans but all I could get was this ‘refried’ version which is usually used in Mexican cooking. Not quite as healthy perhaps as the ordinary type, but tasty all the same. I’ll be using the what was left of those beans in a pate I plan to make with sweet potato and chickpeas… 🙂

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