Chocolate truffles


Yes, it’s Valentine’s day and time to make some truffles!

I followed this recipe from Foodwishes:

but deviated slightly in that I melted the chocolate bain-marie style before adding the cream and a good pinch of Thai crushed chili and a wee dash of salt.




Oops, that is where I got a bit stuck as the chocolate was still obviously too hot to add the cream which looked like this to begin with..

But through sheer determination, yes, okay, maybe desperation, I stirred gently and continuously until it smoothed out


I think I might have added a bit too much cream and it was only at this stage that I checked out the quantities of ingredients specified, so all I can say is use a bit less that one small tub of this cream (chef John says to use half a cup, whatever that is..)



I folded the chocolate mixture into clingfilm (unlike me make sure you use some thick clingfilm!)  and put the mixture in the freezer for an hour or so…

and this is what the final version looked like before chopping



and after chopping


et voilà :


It’s not quite as easy to make as the video shows, but that may be because I didn’t follow the instructions to the letter.  The chocolate mixture seemed to be too hard one minute, coming out from the freezer and then transform into a slightly gooey mixture the next before I had time to sift the chocolate powder over it. Still the end effect looks pretty appetising overall!



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6 responses to “Chocolate truffles

  1. ania Regan Olsen

    Wow love the first artistic photo, lovely box;
    To think that I used to spend my time trying to roll the chocolate into neat round balls (like you see in French cake shops) which ended up looking like burst tennis balls ! This looks so simple and easy, but I guess you have to get the final result in between the ‘gooey’ and the ‘hard’ with some luck.

  2. oonagh

    Wow, that’s incredible – I have to get mick to read this, it looks Sooooo professional and tasty!xxx

    • Well, I am still waiting for Mick to make a ‘guest appearance’ on my blog with his fish recipe for which I have a photo posted on my ‘About’ page…

  3. Fiona Morrison

    Just looking at the photos has my waistline expanding….
    Trop bon!

  4. 🙂 they are trop bon, that’s true!

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