Art for Art’s sake?

Tomek at work

Tomek was walking along a street near where he lives in London when he saw a tree stump. Next to it was a sign the council had left informing passers-by that the remainder of the tree would be sawn off and removed in early February.

Hm, this gave him an idea and a few days later he returned with hastily gathered supplies, a drill, a saw, a workmans tent and lots of batteries and got to work while a friend filmed him sculpting.

This is the result of fourteen hours of work, during which passers-by cheered him on, some taking photos, others offering to let him use their electric supply from their nearby home and all giving him the thumbs up for his artistic d.i.y. enterprising spirit.

Meanwhile, the council plan to chop down what Tomek calls his blob ealry next week.

Watch Tomek at work:


Oh yes, Tomek happens to be a chip off the old block (pun intended)- my son.


A few days later update:
Two days after sculpting and varnishing the tree stump Tomek went to check it out to see that someone had covered it in white paint. Ok, not his prefered choice of colour but he was open to any kind of response. Some guys from the council estate nearby came over and told him they had seen some workmen go by and splash some white paint over it, presumably for fun.

Interestingly, they added that they had seen Tomek and his tent at work on Saturday and no-one knew what was going on. But that day no drugs were sold at the council estate; the word going around was that it was a police surveillance tent that had been put up to observe the neighbourhood!! Ha!

Like I said, art for art’s sake 🙂

PS: Update on that tree stump.. two weeks later and the council seem to have decided to leave that stump as it is 🙂


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One response to “Art for Art’s sake?

  1. ania Regan Olsen

    A chip of the block like his mum, I think.
    Great to see him being so enterprising. Do hope the word gets around and plenty more stumps in store for him. What a good idea to enhance dreary sad streets; He should come over to Paris, plenty of bad tempered ‘stumps’ here !!!! (though knowing how things work here, he’d probably get arrested the minute the tent goes up)

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