Chinese Pork Belly

chinese pork belly

Yes, what’s the use of having all these delectable cookery books on my kitchen shelf when I resort to browsing the internet for ‚something different‘?

Well, it does occasionally serve a purpose such as my discovery yesterday of these three, or is it four? young men presenting with poise as well as humour their takes and ideas for dishes which look easy to make and all packaged in a presentation that rarely goes beyond five minutes.

These are the young men I am refering to and this is the dish I then proceeded to make (minus the potatoes) and, hey, that fat really did crackle at the end!!/search/sesame/

I experimented with a small piece to practice and added a large cup of water before roasting it at 160c for two hours. My oven plays up a bit and I think the temperature was a bit higher. Ideally I would have roasted it on a slightly lower temp and then left it in a wee bit longer, but the skin was just as cracking as I could have wanted it to be. Delicious. Preferably served with a shot of vodka to go along, just to help melt that fat..

pork belly

we ate it too fast and I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of what it looks like inside. Next time.


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  1. ania Regan Olsen

    Never saw these guys before. I see their website won a prize. Looks delicious and must give it a try this weekend. Thanks for the recipe, though I’m still not quite sure what scoring the skin means (stabbing it or myself with a knife) ???,
    Good idea serving it with ‘pommes de terre sautées”. Rice can get so boring.

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