Galapagos 3


marine iguanas

Imagine landing in the late afternoon on the shores of one of the Galapagos islands and being met by… this?

There they stand, erect, proud, poised and still as if waiting just for you to take that coveted photo. One move of theirs would have most of you scramble for shelter. But fortunately for you, they don’t move. They just stand there while you click away and then scramble off once you’ve moved on to a new attraction.

These iguanas are so used to visitors and seem to have no instinct of fear, not having for the most part ever had to suffer from the threat of predators.

This is somewhat uncanny at first, as these marine iguanas pose for you in a huddle, waiting patiently for the ubiquitous photos session to be over while we, visitors, stare in awe in between photo shots.

We never felt threatened by the land or marine iguanas we came across, gruesome as some of them looked.

They usually stood their ground calmly, allowing tourists to peer from close up, with camera lenses at times just a few inches from their heads, tolerating this inconvenience with a passive look of resigned composure.

All these photos of iguanas and other animals were taken on different islands in the Galapagos by Mirek and myself.

blue footed boobie, isn’t she beautiful? :blue footed boobie

nacza boobies:nacza boobies

land iguana:land iguana

sleeping baby sea lion:sleeping baby sea lion


sea lions chilling out




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2 responses to “Galapagos 3

  1. ania Regan Olsen

    That crowd of iguanas looks pretty terrifying to me. Jan and I saw two in the middle of a beach bar in St Martin having a fierce battle amongst the tables, totally ignoring the clients there !! and we met three face to face who came to share of rather snatch part of the picnicJan and I were having on a rocky beach. My favorite photo is the baby sea lion and the blue footed boogie looks like he’s just about to go snorkling in his new flippers. Great photos and I’d love to go there some time…..

  2. Oonagh

    Your pictures are amazing!

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