Galapagos 2


the great blue heron

One of the attractions of Floreana island is the Floreana post office box which is hard to miss as you spy in the distance a clutter of post boxes and faded signs which litter a spot near the beach.

People still leave letters there today, in the tentative hope that they might be picked up and posted by a passerby heading to the destination marked on the envelope. The cards we left have yet to reach their destination, and that was quite some time ago now…oh well..

While this post barrel is now a tourist attraction, it began as a genuine post box back in the 1790’s to facilitate the delivery of mail between the US and England, the idea being that a passing ship would pick up the mail and deliver it to its destination.

The Floreana Post Office:



While it is possible to visit the many islands from a land base, on this occasion we took an 8 day catamaran cruise with about fourteen other passengers and this worked very well for us.

Were we to go again, I would definitely try a land based holiday as I see it offers an opportunity to feel you are not one of a flock, which is an inevitable feeling when visiting the islands with your guide and other cruise passengers. One such Galapagos based family run company I would  recommend trying is Come to Galapagos.

I signed up to get their newsletters and the way Rick, the owner, writes these bulletins gives you a completely different insight into what’s going on in those islands, from a tourist’s as well as a dweller’s perspective.

The photos below (all Mirek’s or mine) were taken in different places across the islands we visited.

Follow the leader: penguins and an iguana



local flora:Image

Isabela island with relatively young lava fields:


crab and iguana

colourful iguana head

marine iguanas face on

red billed tropical bird?

catamarans at rest:


brown pelicans and blue footed boobie


sea lion taking a ..




mangroves in Elizabeth bay on Isabela island:Image


No, this isn’t old George:Image

lava lizard:Image

land iguanaImage

playful dolphins:ImageImage

crossing the equator off the north western coast of Isabela:Image

more posts on Galapagos to follow soon


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