Pumpkin blues

I was feeling kind of glum

indeed, I felt like jabbing my claws

into some innocent bystander, no reason

but, happily, I decided not to hide my head in the sand

… and to head out nordic walking along the beach instead

Following that I bought some pumpkin at my local market on the way home

and made this desert

Pumpkin pie with honey, cinnamon and walnuts

for which, what do you need?

-about one third of a pumpkin, chopped into three or four slices, with skin on
-a pinch of cinnamon
-a couple of spoons of good quality olive oil
-a few slightly crushed walnuts
-a spoonful of butter

You simply brush a little oil on the inside and outside of the pumpkin pieces and sprinkle a bit of the cinnamon over the flesh. Bake in a heated oven for about 45 mins. Meanwhile, melt the butter on a pan and when you’ve taken the pumpkin slices out of the oven, spoon a little melted butter over each portion, pour a little runny honey over the flesh and sprinkle the walnuts over.

Serve that as a dessert and then cuddle up with someone nice and a good book

All photos are mine (or Mirek’s) and the recipe is from:


I was spurred to present this post in this format after reading this incomparably more cutting edge presentation:




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2 responses to “Pumpkin blues

  1. ania Regan Olsen

    Liked the story part, a bit like a cartoon. What did the honey pumpkin taste like ??

  2. sort of like …. pumpkin pie I guess… with a drizzle of decadent honey and butter just to add to the lusciousness…

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