Sopot restaurants

choc dessert at Bulaj

choc dessert at Bulaj

In my previous post I listed a few restaurants worth testing in Gdansk and here are a few places in Sopot which are a wee bit off the beaten track (by that I mean less than 10 mins walk from Monte Cassino, the main pedestrian street in Sopot).

Cyrano & Roxane
Bohaterow Monte Cassino 11

Don’t let the fact that this little restaurant is located near the railway line put you off. Very dependable food prepared by an authentic Frenchman from Bergerac, this place serves an assortment of Pyreenes sausages to complement the wine they specialise in. If you want something more substantial, they will be happy to recommend a wonderful confit de canard or some other speciality of the house. Starters are about 5 euro and main courses upwards of 10 euro.

Pasta/ fusion:
Ul Grunwaldzka 8-10

In the lower part of Sopot, closer to the sea and centrally located, there is a place called Sanatorium which serves excellent pasta (and not only) dishes at very reasonable prices; anything between 4 and 7 euro depending on the size of your portion!

Al F Mamuszki 22

This slow food restaurant is camouflaged by trees although it is in fact right on the beach. As you walk past the Grand Hotel in Sopot along the beach path in the direction of Gdynia, you will see Bulaj on your right hand side, past the Zatoka Sztuki, about 500 metres up, , housed in a dark terracota coloured building and somewhat unassuming looking, as most good restaurants are. Starters start at 3 euro and main courses around the 10 euro mark. Delicious wild boar dumplings and sumptious duck are just a couple of dishes worth going there for. Not to mention their killer dessert, a meringue and cream with blended fruit cake which will be difficult to resist, as will their chocolate pudding cake.

As you work further up, in the direction of Gdynia, there are a number of very pleasant fish bars which tourists don’t frequent as much as locals, simply because they don’t know about them, but they are worth stopping at and a full meal with drink will cost less than 10 euro.

typical fish meal in Sopot fish bars/ restaurants

typical fish meal in Sopot fish bars/ restaurants

Nearing the end of that beach footpath you will notice a wooden building the likes of which you would expect to see in the Tatry mountains. It’s dark inside but the food is good wholesome Polish traditional fare (bigos, cabbaage soup with spare ribs, grilled sausage) at reasonable prices. Their website is inferior but the place is well worth a visit and has a large platform/ terrace where you can sit and eat on the beach itself.

Koliba restaurant

Koliba restaurant

Koliba near beach

Koliba near beach

and their beach restaurant:

Koliba beach restaurant

Koliba beach restaurant

Sopot sort of ends around here, but if you are feeling a bit adventurous you can hit the beach at this spot, near the Koliba restaurant and turn left walking in the direction of Gdynia, on the beach.

smooth sandy beach

smooth sandy beach

As you go around the cliff side the beach continues on for another few hundred metres till you reach the little old fishing village called Orłowo, you’ll spot the pier as you walk along.



Fish restaurant
Tawerna Orłowska
Ul Orłowska 3, Orłowo, Gdynia

This is a quaint little harbour where you won’t see many foreign tourists and the restaurant there which overlooks the water serves some good fish dishes. Main courses are around 7 euro.
I had some sprats/whitebait with a tomato mozarella salad and tomato juice which came to about 8 euro; very palatable.

Tawerna Orlowo meal

Tawerna Orlowo

for more about Gdansk, press here

and this is a useful online guidebook to peruse.

Enjoy your stay:)


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