Gdansk eateries: Where the bleazers should we eat?

herring, vodka and beer... bliss!

herring, vodka and beer… bliss!

scrumptious pizza

scrumptious pizza

mouth watering burger

mouth watering burger

There are new restaurants and cafes opening up by the month in the Tricity and here is a very small selection of the ones we’ve tried out recently and which tend to be a weeny bit off the beaten track; by that I mean within five or ten minutes walk from the main tourist track.


Textylia (Polish)

ul Szeroka 121/122 : a very pleasant cafe/ restaurant called Textylia, with a pleasant bohemian artistic ambience. They serve tasty cakes and I tried the soup there and it was fine. Main courses go for less than 10 euro.
Just down the street from there:

Metamorfoza: (Polish and international cuisine)

Metamorfoza for food connaisseurs where a lot of attention is given to the food, prices are not cheap, for a main course somewhere between 10 and 15 euro and some dishes are cooked using the sous-vide method. A variety of Polish and international dishes, in central Gdansk, ul Szeroka 22/23.

Casino Diner: a great American burger restaurant

If you are dying for a burger, these are almost to die for and certainly one of the best we’ve tasted in all the years we’ve lived in Gdansk. The burgers are juicy and they come medium-rare when you ask for it. You have a choice of tradional chips to go along with it, or sweet potato made into chips, also delicious. We paid less than 15 euro for two burger main courses and two soft drinks.
Only problem here is that it’s not that easy to find though it is centrally located. You have to walk up to the top of ul Szeroka until you reach a green common area and the restaurant is right there on your left up a couple of steps.

Casino Diner burger with sweet potato chips

Casino Diner burger with sweet potato chips

Browarnia Gdansk: Home made beer and food

If you fancy a good locally brewed beer, the Gdansk Browarnia is a pleasant place to while away an afternoon, and if it’s a sunny day, there’s not much that beats sitting outdoors with a glass of their own brew and observing the canal and marina before you, with the backdrop of the old town just across the water. You have to cross the canal to get here, just follow the main pedestrian street in Gdansk, ul Dluga, down to the canal, walk across and then after one block cross to the other side of that little island and turn left. Five min walk from central Gdansk. It also serves perfectly good food. Main courses around 10 euro.
It’s on ulica Szafarnia.


Not known for its tourist attractions but I live in the neighbourhood and it happens to lie on a direct line as you travel from Gdansk to Sopot, either by road or by train/ tram and I did say I was going to recommend some slightly out of the way places. My focus is on the real thing as far as possible and I have three good restaurants to recommend in this borough:

Polish: Napitki & Zakaski (drinks and snacks)

Ulica Do Studzienki 24, Gdańsk 80-277
for a taste of something a bit rough and ready but where they serve cold vodka for less than one euro with a herring snack or a steak tartare (see pic below) for less than 2 euro, you cannot beat this place. On a side street off the main thoroughfare taking you through the Tricity, it will give you a taste of what Poland used to be like in the 1980’s. Well worth a visit!

Italian: Damario

After having a vodka aperitif in the place above you might fancy something a bit more Mediterranean in flavour, there’s a pizza place run by Italians just around the corner called:   on ulica Boh. Getta Warszawskiego 1/3
They serve excellent pizzas for less than 6 euro and main courses around 10 euro with top-notch wines too.

If it is something authentically Spanish you are after, just up the road (in Sopot direction) and just past the Manahattan shopping centre, on the left side in the ground floor of one of the four new high rise blocks, you’ll spot:
Spanish: Mercado
It has only been open a few weeks but is already gathering rave reviews (in Polish) Ulica Partyzantow 8/104, Gdansk 80-254
The chef is Spanish and the tapas are very reasonably priced, the real thing and tasty served with cava, wine or beer.  Tapas start at 1 euro and you can eat a Spanish chorizo sandwich for just over 2  euro and savour a seafood paella for some 5 euro.  They have Spanish tv coming to interview them tonight  in anticipation of the big match on Sunday.


You can't get much more authentic than Jaime

You can’t get much more authentic than Jaime at the Mercado tapas bar

Going towards Sopot:
On the main road leading west towards Sopot, once you approach the neighborhood of Oliwa and you really feel like a pancake, I mean like eating one, you could try this place. It is visible from the main road (Grunwaldzka) and is located at the back behind Castorama and Media-Markt:

Pancakes: Manekin

I must admit I haven’t been there as I am not a big fan of pancakes but pancake lovers say it is delectable and very reasonably priced and with a myriad of wonderful fillings.

I’ll be working on a post with eateries about Sopot and Gdynia, but there are so many places there that it is difficult to decide which to focus on, and they all tend to be close to the beaten track, but I’ll give it a go…soon.
Smacznego! (bon appetit!)

Casino Diner, Gdansk

Casino Diner, Gdansk

and, incidentally, no I am not getting paid to plug these places…



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    Gosh just looking at Jaime and those nice hams I feel as if I were in Barcelona or Malaga ! Must meet him !

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