Gdansk and some important European football championship…

I’ve lived in Gdansk for over twenty years now so I figure it’s about time I promoted the place. It is, after all, one of the venues for the EURO 2012.

Neptune playing football

Neptune playing football

Is that a football there?

Feta week, Gdansk

‘Feta’ week, Gdansk

Gdansk, Old Town main street

Gdansk, Old Town

The statue of Neptune with the football was in fact on display for only one day, as an April Fool joke on 1 April (Yup, those grumpy looking Poles do have a sense of humour!…) The real statue from the famous historical Neptune fountain was being renovated and it has now been restored to its full glory as can be seen here

Gdansk marina

Gdansk marina


Leba, gorgeous beaches 100 kms from Gdansk

Baltic Arena

Baltic Arena

For more about Gdansk:

Should you be here for one of the matches, this is to show you what the city itself looks like and where it might be nice to spend an afternoon or so whiling your free time away. Most of the photos are of Gdansk and a couple of Sopot.

Gdansk shipyard

Gdansk shipyard

And let me add that, no, it is not all shipyard and post industrial wasteland though I personally think that is one of its attractions.

Gdansk shipyard

Gdansk shipyard


Wałęsa, who else…

Gutenberg monument

Gutenberg monument in our local woods


Sopot beach on a deserted morning


Sopot restaurant art gallery

Gdansk, Motlawa river canal

Gdansk, Motława river canal

a local fish bar, Sopot

a local fish bar, Sopot

Gdansk is part of the Tricity, made up of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia. The distance between Gdansk and Gdynia is about 22 kms and the three cities are located on the Baltic coast. It takes about half an hour to drive the distance (add up to another half hour during rush hour). There is a local train (SKM) which takes about 45 mins from Gdansk to Gdynia.

Sopot is in between so divide those times in two to work out how long it takes to travel from Gdynia or Gdansk to Sopot.
The main attraction in Gdansk is the Old Town and the canal area and marina while Sopot’s main attractions are its beaches and the lively night life in a beautiful turn of the 19th/20th century setting.

This blog is not intended as a guide, but here is an online guide for Gdansk which could prove useful:


woods at the end of our street, and we live in the centre of town

Abbot's Palace, Oliwa, Gdansk

Abbot’s Palace, Oliwa, Gdansk


frozen over canal, Gdansk

wall art, Gdansk

wall art, Gdansk


bird sanctuary, Sobieszewo, Gdansk

Sobieszewo beach

Sobieszewo beach, 25 mins drive from Gdansk

local beach

local beach where I go nordic walking a few times a week


strolling towards St Mary's Basilica, Gdansk

strolling towards St Mary’s Basilica, Gdansk



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10 responses to “Gdansk and some important European football championship…

  1. ania Regan Olsen

    Even for me who knows Gdansk well, it’s nice to be reminded how lovely it really is, seeing your photos. You’re lucky to live in the centre of town , yet be able to pop into the forest anytime, or go to a local fish café for a meal on the beach throughout the year. My favourite photo is the very peaceful bird sanctuary one !

  2. ania Regan Olsen

    Actually had another look at your photos and like the shipyard ones with the “cranes” and artistic wall art and really turquoise blue sky (is it real ????), the one taken on the beach with the waves and shipyard in background is good , (taken from a boat???).

  3. Yup, they are all real! and taken with my basic point and shoot camera, no photoshopping whatsoever! And yes, that shipyard shot was taken from a boat:)

  4. Sami

    Surfed in via your post on TripAdvisor! I won’t be going to the games, but my husband got a ticket. We rented a campervan and are staying near Stogi Beach and then take four days around Poland before driving back to Dresden, where we live. I think we will stick to the coastline (instead of doing the crazed American thing of trying to drive everywhere in limited time), so any recommendations are welcome!

    I have my eye on the Vistual Peninsula and Malbork Castle, maybe Leba or Hel or something too. Not sure yet but I do plan to eat a lot of Pierogies =)

    • I agree, Sami, that if you have four days it’s better to focus on the coastal area. All the places you mention are unique in their own way. If the weather is nice, and Stogi starts looking a bit busy, you can always head to Sobieszewo (island) which is on the way to the Vistula peninsula. It is quiet and a great place to get away from it all. There is a bird sanctuary where we often head out to for a day; even if you don’t get to see too many birds, you can hear them 🙂 and the beach close by tends to be much quieter than elsewhere. I have some pics up of it on this post.

      Malbork castle is also something you shouldn’t miss, and the sand dunes at Leba are something else. I’d say what with visiting Gdansk and Sopot, you’ll have your hands full with your itinerary. Not sure of the best place for pierogi, but if you like pancakes with a myriad of different fillings, I hear this place (on main road as you drive from Gdansk to Sopot, on the left side, behind the large Media Markt and Castorama stores) is supposed to be wonderful:,dojazd

      Have a wonderful time! We cycled past the stadium today and it looks like it’s ready for action! (We’ll be watching on tv)

      • Sami

        Thank you so much! I usually plan trips by my stomach, so having good food recommendations is HIGHLY appreciated.

        I am excited about the campervan because we are usually tent-backpacker campers, and I think it’s going to be a fun/difference experience. I hope we can find some really nice spots on the beach.

      • Sami, I am pretty sure you are not allowed to camp on the beach, if that is what you had in mind, but there are campsites which are right next to the beach.
        As for planning hols according to your stomach, that sounds like me:)
        In fact, I am in the process of preparing a post with places to eat in the Tricity which I should have up by later today. Better late than never!

      • Sami

        Mis-type! Meant to say near the beach! Though On The Beach would be much cooler (and not in the Nevil Shute kind of way). `

        I am enjoying reading about all of your travels! We are a couple that loves to travel too–part of the reason we left the U.S. for Europe. You should check out my friend’s blog They gave up their jobs and are traveling the world. I think they’ve been at it for nearly two years! We didn’t do anything so drastic, but it is great fun reading about their adventures.

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  6. Sami, sorry to take so long to reply. I must admit I had never heard of Nevil Shute, to my amazement, when I then read about how esteemed a writer he is. Checked out your friends’ blog, nice way to live!
    I’ve updated my post on places to eat in Sopot as well as in Gdansk which you can check out if you like, if you are still in this area. Hope you’re having a great time!

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