Sossusvlei and Sesriem Canyon, Namibia

Sesriem Canyon at dawn

You might be excused for wondering if you have wandered onto a set for a remake of Gone with the Wind, but no, this is Sesriem sand dunes in Namibia, at dawn…

sheep clouds

Within minutes, the sky changes colour and these sheep clouds appear


A bamby-like gazelle wanders out of the shade

A few minutes later the sand shows its tawny ochre tinge and if you are lucky you might not get stuck in the sand….

As we start climbing, we pass by this young Korean woman…meditating?…

Mirek makes his way up with our Korean aquaintance still in mindfulness mode in the background.

Our young aquaintance’s Korean companions are in full swing singing their merriment at being here. A long time dream of the eighty four year old gentleman standing behind us and singing his joy, so his daughter tells us. A pleasure to see.

I half expect to see Peter O’Toole… sorry, Lawrence of Arabia.. emerge from behind one of those dunes, in full Arabian garb. Ok, wrong country…

some people crawl down the dunes, others jump down…

Dead Vlei

These three photos only feebly reflect the insufferableness of the heat I experience as I walk towards Dead Vlei, with cotton gloves on to protect my hands from the burning sun.

All the trees here died long ago due to lack of water in this pan. Because of the lack of moisture, the trees have largely been very well preserved. Personally I can feel the moisture escaping from my skin, fast, and turn back to our car and … a bottle of water after only a short time there.


unlike this oryx gazelle


And ostrich, among the hardier species we encounter during our drive across Namibia.

Desert Homestead

And back to our little bungalow where we can sit on the terrace in the evening following a short rain shower, and chill out while contemplating the desert around us.

embracing space

embracing space


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One response to “Sossusvlei and Sesriem Canyon, Namibia

  1. ania Regan Olsen

    Beautiful photos. Very funny the one with Mirek walking and your Korean friend in the background, asleep, meditating one of my favourites along with the “sheep clouds” and the amazing one of you two with the crowd behind. A good cover for a travel guide book !!!!

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