Roads Namibia

David Hockney

What is it about roads that makes you want to follow them…

going south

Naukluft desert

rainy season

The most precarious part of driving in Namibia is not the risk of running over a wild animal in the barren plains but the perils of nodding off as you drive those endless, deserted straight roads which lead towards the horizon and onwards.

We came across another vehicle perhaps once an hour, if that…

The dread of breaking down was exacerbated by the knowledge that we didn’t have a satellite phone – and forget about mobile phones in that wasteland! We did finally get a puncture with a storm fast approaching in our direction, just as we were leaving Fish River Canyon in south Namibia in the fast receding afternoon.

Picture Mirek anxiously trying to work out how to release the spare wheel from its firm grip under the chassis. As I stood there vacuously watching Mirek under the car struggling with the mechanism, I could smell the rain approaching in the dry dusty heat.

Suddenly a car with a couple of tourists drove past us and disappeared into the desert. They didn’t stop to offer assistance.

By chance, we later met them at supper at the motel we were staying at; on chatting I found out he was Irish and when he discovered that I, too, was Irish he expressed regret at not having stopped to give us a hand :“Jeysus, he said, I thought you were Germans like everybody else around here!“

The next morning, they woke up to find their car had a puncture and they then had to wait a few hours for a mechanic to come and bring them a spare tyre. Nothing to do with us…

There’s nothing like listening to some good music while driving…

Music by Arvo Pärt (from album ‘Alina’)

and more of the roads we followed in Namibia:

wild ostriches from nowhere…

quiver tree

Sessriem sand dunes



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5 responses to “Roads Namibia

  1. so lonely roads and weather change “AMAZING”

    the photo of the lizard so colorful 🙂

  2. Oonagh

    Beautiful, just come home from work , it’s 9.30,mick is cooking and you just gave us a shoot of dreamland, beautiful, zebras, lizards, space…. Thank you!!!

  3. ania Regan Olsen

    Magnificent, the heat, the dust, the colours, the hugeness of it all makes one feel mighty small. I love the music and felt i was driving along behind them !

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