Christmas gift ideas

hand painted silk scarves

dainty purse

versatile scarf

It’s lovely to see artisanal designs are becoming more ubiquitous and I try to buy from these small market stalls when I can. In this case, two ladies are displaying their handmade wares in the open space of a shopping centre near where I live and I thought I’d post some of their work to help them out.

Ewa Mroczkowska’s clothes and handbags are made from wool or cotton and in some cases with some synthetic materials added to make them more resistent to wear and tear. They are above all versatile and the large scarves can be worn back to front and upside down, creating a different look each time. Much of her jewelery is also made so you can wear it either as a bracelet or a necklace. I have some of her stuff and love the fact it is totally original and one of a kind as she makes no more than a couple of the same designs.

Katarzyna Marciniak makes and hand paints scarves of many different sizes, made of pure silk, and some of satin. She also makes dresses and blouses and her favourite pattern as you can see is the beautiful poppy flower. The whole ensemble looks like a painting

gloves, scarves, jumpers ranging from 50 to 150 zl

Ewa Mroczkowska's designs

reversable coat with pattern on outside

and on the inside...

seen from behind

pendant/bracelet actually costs 130zl



silk and sating scarves galore

real silk and satin, ranging from 40 to 200 zl



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3 responses to “Christmas gift ideas

  1. ania Regan Olsen

    very colourful and original, real artwork. I like the jewellery too. I recognize that top you’re wearing, seems to ring a bell !!!!!!

  2. Yes, you are right! It’s the same lady who you bought me that top from last year!

    • ania Regan Olsen

      Strange she looks different but I recognized the style. Her stuff is lovely and would work wonders over here !

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