Shoes – we love them and we hate them

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Having come across an interview with the writer and broadcaster Caitlin Moran about her recent book ‚How to be a Woman‘, and then watched her short video message on the amazon page, I couldn’t help wonder what she would make of the shoes at the Spitalfield shoe show I saw last week in London. Most of the shoes were works of art and presumably not designed to be worn. But I have often wondered what it is that makes a woman decide to sacrifice her comfort and risk spraining her ankle by wearing such painfully high heels. Is it all just to look good? Please don’t tell me they are comfortable!

As Caitlin Moran says : “if I wore these (very high heeled) shoes, after 30 seconds I would be walking like Tina Turner with a bad knee and my feet would start to hurt and I’d take them off…. I can’t help believe that if feminism was working in the twenty first century we would have shoes that were very beautiful but that we could actually walk in and which would be comfortable and I will know that feminism has won the war when a woman goes up to collect an oscar for best actrice in a pair of flip flops that are comfortable….. and also covered in diamonds“

Well, I don’t know about the flip flops, but I wouldn’t be averse to some of the following Dr Martens:


Dr Martens


Dr Martens


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