The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

– My impressions of London –

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Not having lived in London for twenty years, there are certain things you notice more than other things when returning there on short visits. I have selected a few that stood out for me on this occasion.

The good: well, that such bookshops like Daunt Books in Marylebone High Street still exist. You can merge with the books so to speak in this congenial old fashioned setting with some secondhand gems on offer on the upper galleried floor, such as „Tea: addiction, exploitation and empire“. How could I resist a book with a title like that?

The bad: nothing new but it hits me every time I visit London- the puerility of newspaper headlines- and I am not refering to tabloids alone. Do we all have to be treated like as if we had perverse tendencies with an IQ of about 80 and an attention span not exceeding 5 seconds? for an image, just google any national daily, the majority will scream back at you.

The ugly: there were quite a few that could have fitted into this category but my choice derives perhaps from my perplexity as to its purpose. Well, yes of course its purpose is to make money but I cannot see what the attraction is in spending time, not to mention money, in places such as the new M&M store in London. Yes, I am talking about wandering around a candy emporium. For those of you who, like me until I stepped into there in disbelief last week, haven’t heard of this place it „offers a huge range of exclusive M&M’S chocolates and merchandise including clothing…” amongst other things. I guess I am getting old, or just plain old fashioned, but somehow its appeal to me was stillborn.

And just to end on something positive, another good thing: the ice rink outside the Natural History Museum which I am pretty sure didn’t use to be there when I was a kid at the school opposite it many moons ago… it is a real seasonal highlight and has a delightfully festive atmosphere to it. Just good old fashioned fun and highly recommended to all, whatever your IQ!



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4 responses to “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  1. ania Regan Olsen

    great pictures !

  2. Finch Karol

    I love Marylebone High Street generally and Daunt Books in particular. The M&M store is an American import that I believe Hadassah has visited in New York. She loved it but then chocolate has always been close to her heart.

    • Yes, I guess I might have liked it when I was her age… it was just mind boggling though to walk around there and not really understand what was going on and who would pay £20 for a tacky t-shirt… okay I am beginning to sound like my mother…

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