Thai cookery course, Chiang Mai

Back in September we attended a one-day Thai cookery course in beautiful Chiang Mai where each participant learned to make seven different dishes including starter, soup, salad, main course, a curry paste and a desert. We began the day by having a quick garden tour to discover the kind of herbs you only see in specialist Asian shops here.

That was followed by a visit to the local market and an inspection of the fresh local goodies. On return to the school and following a quick explanation of the different ingredients and utensils, we got down to cooking. Ani was enthusiastic, patient and professional and made the whole day a memorable occasion. Here are some photos of our efforts:

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2 responses to “Thai cookery course, Chiang Mai

  1. Finch Karol

    Brilliant. How have you learnt how to do all this stuff on the computer? Revolving pictures… I am filled with admiration!

    • With the help of my VERY patient husband, I am just about able to do it on my own now. Looks quite impressive, doesn’t it, what with the slideshow. Have just posted a new entry on the curry I made yesterday. Now you know how I spend my Sunday afternoons!

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