Moules Marinieres


moules marinieres

fried onions and garlic

fried onions and garlic



It’s not often you can buy fresh mussels where I live in Poland so when I saw them at the fish counter in the supermarket recently, I grabbed a bag of Spanish moules. They are already pretty clean so it is enough to rinse them under running water, chop up about two medium sized onions, about four cloves of garlic.

Fry that on a couple of spoons of olive oil for a couple of mins until translucent, and then throw in the mussels and cover and allow to cook for about one minute. I then lift the lid off my cast iron wok and add about one glass of cheapo white wine, put lid back on and cook on medium heat for another two to three mins, until they are all open.

It is very important to throw out any that do not open. Once cooked (and five minutes max is all you need to cook them), I leave the lid on and the pan in place on the cooker once I’ve turned the heat off to allow them to ‘rest’ before serving them. They taste best when NOT overcooked. And there you have it, a meal prepared in less than 20 mins from scratch!

All you need is:

-1 litre of moules
-2 onions chopped
-4 cloves of garlic (or more)
-1 glass of dry white wine (or more..)
-some chopped parsley

Moules Mariniere

A variation of this dish is to add some tomato, mustard, feta or other similar greek cheese, provencal herbs and turn this into a delicious Greek mussels Saganaki. In this case, I added some other bits of white fish too and this is what it looks like:

moules marinieres2

Saganaki moules

Saganaki moules

A (not so secret anymore) tip of mine: Both these dishes taste best the day after they’ve been cooked!
Bon appetit!


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