Autumn dizi/ abgoosht

The first time I tasted dizi (abgoosht) was during a hasty stopover on a hot and clammy day in Kermanshah in the Kurdistan Province of Iran after driving up from Paveh that morning. Following the advice of a local we walked up an alley off the main road, known locally as dizi alley, and entered the little restaurant where it seems men were the only patrons. The specialty here was dizi or abgoosht, a stew of lamb with chickpeas, other beans, dried lime and spices served with bread. The dish is named dizi after the earthenware pot it’s served in. The heat from the oven and the sweet spices and condiments tantalized us as soon as we crossed the threshold…

A friend who traveled with us reminded me of that meal recently and it roused my appetite
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Iranian smiles

yellow ribbon

For all the smiles I’ve captured in photos there were many more from chador-clad women who, in some cases, would brush past and beam timidly as they swept by. It would be nice to think these gestures were reciprocated were they to visit Europe.

A little bit of colour peeping out the back of a hijab is like a ray of sunshine. No verbal language is needed to express those sentiments.

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Saryazd, Yazd, Iran

just another stop along the Silk Road


Saryazd fortress

This fortress is a 40 min drive from Yazd, in central Iran, and lovely to visit in the late afternoon. We had the place to ourselves as our driver waited outside and we wandered around the outside walls and made our way up the stairs inside leading to what remains there were of the roof. Continue reading

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Garmarud trek, Alamut Valley, Iran.


We set off on foot from the village of Garamud (1806 m), north west Iran, on an October morning following the directions from the rough map drawn by  Ahmad, the owner of the Hotel Navizar.


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Paris in the autumn.. or a stroll along the river Seine

Colourful bouquiniste stall along the river

Colourful bouquiniste stall along the river

As I wandered along the river today on a cold and bleak afternoon with my iphone as my only companion, I think I managed to capture some of the images Paris is famous for. I feel the first image above especially encapsulates Paris in one picture and I took it without stopping as I was walking past the bookstall…

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Three delicious dips in half an hour


Hummus (chickpea dip)
Guacamole (avocado dip)
Baba Ganoush (aubergine dip)

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Polish mountain trekking: ZAWRAT and Dolina Pięciu Stawów (Valley of the Five Ponds)

small black pond below Zawrat

small black pond below Zawrat

We arrived from Krakow that morning and set out on foot from Kużnice up through the Hala Gąsienicowa, stopping for a nourishing cabbage soup at the Murowaniec Refuge before making our way further along, past the Black Pond and up towards and across Zawrat.

Our initial intention had been to take the cable car up from Kuznice to Kasprowy Wierch and start our trek from there, but due to bad planning (we hadn’t checked that it was closed for maintenance that week) it meant we had to add a few hours more to our day’s trek. We started our trek at 10 am and got back to our hotel at 8.30pm..


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